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Once I was inside what was known as the “Bunker”, I could see quite a few anthros and humans. Fang stayed close to me, explaining what everything was. I didn’t care about that though, I just wanted to know where Jack was, and if he was ok. I began looking through the crowd frantically. “Fang… Where’s Jack?...” I ask a little scared. She was hesitant as she answered. “He hasn’t come back yet. Hunter… He’s the leader of this civil war. We will kill off all the humans that despise us, leaving only the ones that accept us for us.” Fang explained to me. It took me a few seconds to process this as I looked around a little scared. Was this really the way to handle this? Those I had once seen as misunderstood, I saw as bloodthirsty people. I began backing up, away from everyone as I bumped into something warm and soft.

I could hear gasps as I turn around and see Jack standing above me. He leans down and picks me up, hugging me tightly, crying a little. “I didn’t think I would be able to see you again.” He says as he carries me to a room near the back of the bunker. Once we got inside, I was able to look around a bit. It was well furnished and comfortable. This must have been his own room, seeing as how he was their elected leader, chosen to lead them. “Jack? Are you sure this is the best course to take? Won’t some of the Humans left fear you?” I ask. He looked at me before he spoke.

“Maybe, but i’ll be sure to change their opinion. No matter how long that may take.” He says as he hugs me tightly and kisses me. He then gently lays me on his bed, smiling a bit. “Hunter… If this is the one thing left that goes right for me… I’m glad it’s with you…” He says to me as he slowly begins to undress. I blush a bit as I look at him. “You mean you wanna?...” I ask a little nervously. He simply smiles and nods as he finishes undressing. Fang had been listening in, holding her ear against the door. She backs up, blushing a light pink as she walks away. She then finds Mia and Varg sitting and talking with each other. They hadn’t told Varg about what was going on. They were afraid of how he would act.

“So? What are those two doing in there?” Mia asked “Uh… It’s uh… Private.” She said as she looked around a little embarrassed. Mia then understood what she had meant. “Oh…. Ok. Forget I asked.” She said as Fang looked at Varg. “Hey Varg… You know what’s happening?” She asks carefully. He shook his head, unsure what to think. “Well, We are killing off those humans that were horrible to us.” Mia says carefully. Varg was strangely quiet as he spoke with the two of them. A few minutes later, Fang summoned up the courage to knock on Jacks door. Jack answered the door, a blanket wrapped around his waist. “Hello Fang. Is there something wrong?” He asked. Fang stood there, quiet for a few seconds. “We need to continue with the evacuations and then plan our next move.” She said as she looked away from him a bit.

He nodded as he looked at her. “Yea, I’ll be out in a second.” He said as he closed the door once more. A few minutes later, he came out, fully dressed. He followed Fang to their makeshift war room, and began to give instructions. I woke later, dressed in loungewear, asleep on Jack’s bed. I stood up, stretching my legs a bit as I went into Jack’s bathroom. I began to look around, things looked to be just standard. It seems like this wasn’t fully done but, at least it’s something. Once I was done, I walked back to the bedroom door and I could hear Jack and Mia talking. “Jack… We left Suzy’s ‘food’ In your fridge. We need to send someone to get it. She’s uh… Getting hungry.” Mia said to him. Jack sighed. “We can’t just send someone back out there. They’d shoot us on sight.” Jack replied. I didn’t want suzy to hurt anyone so I walked out and spoke to Jack. “Jack, I can go and get it. They won’t shoot me on sight. I swear i’ll be careful.” I told him.

He sighed once more. I knew he didn’t want me to be going out there. But it was my choice. “Okay. Just… Be careful. Okay? I want you back here as soon as possible.” He said to me. I nodded and he led me to the entrance. He gave me a worried look before he opened it and let me out. I turned around and saw him closing the door. A few seconds later, I could hear marching outside, it seemed to be coming from the road near the house. I snuck up the stairs and looked out the window, a whole squad was marching down the road. Some split off and began to search the houses. I ran to the kitchen and began to search through the fridge. I found the blood packs that Mia had spoken about.

I grabbed them all and carried them in the shirt I had on. It was rather large so I was able to fashion a basket from it. I made my way downstairs and was about to knock on the wall when I heard a window break. I set down the blood packs and went back to the stairs. I peeked from the basement doorway and looked around slowly. I hadn’t seen anything. I go back down the stairs until I hear shouting. “Freeze! Stay right there!” The voice said to me. I put my hands up and turned around slowly. It was a soldier from the road. “What are you doing down here? Don’t you know it’s dangerous out here?” He asked me, not knowing I was here on purpose.

“What’s down there?” He asked as he began to walk down the stairs. I moved out of his way slowly, scared he was going to shoot me. He looked around the basement and froze when he saw the blood packs. He turned to me, his back towards the secret door as he trained his gun on me. “What the hell are you doing down here!?” He asked. Jack had his ear to the door and heard it. It looked over to Suzy and nodded, opening the door. Before the soldier could pull the trigger, Suzy stood behind him and leapt onto him in a frenzy, sinking her fangs easily into his neck.

“Not too much Suzy. We need him alive.” Jack said as he walked out to me. “Are you okay?” He asked. I nodded as I hugged him. “I’m just glad you’re safe. Don’t risk yourself like that again. Please.” He told me as he laid his head on mine for a bit as he stood. He gave me a small smile as he led me back inside. After Suzy brought the soldier inside and grabbed her blood bags, we closed the door again. Jack sat him in a chair and tied him to it, taking him to the interrogation room. Suzy hugged me and thanked me for getting her the blood bags that she had stored. Even they wouldn’t last forever. She’d need to get some more from somewhere.

I decided that I would talk with fang a little bit. I sat next to her as people walked by, sorting out they’re next plan of attack, moving files and such. “Fang… How long has Jack had this planned?” I asked her as I laid my head onto her shoulder. She held me gently, remaining silent. She didn’t want to tell me how long he had this planned for. I looked towards the floor remaining silent. I had regretted asking that. Fang rubbed my back gently. “Hey, how about I show you around? Let you see some cool parts of this bunker.” Fang said as she stood up, standing me up with her.

She took hold of my hand and led me around, showing me most of the bunker. It was surprisingly large. It surprised me that we had two different sleeping areas for the people here. I thought they separated themselves, but no, they all slept in the sleeping areas. They really trusted each other. Fang was then summoned to the interrogation room. I stood there a bit until I saw Hyde and Patch. Hyde looked away from me, pretending not to see me. I sighed a little and began to walk back to Jack’s bedroom. I went inside and laid onto the bed. A few minutes later, I fell asleep. All I wanted to do was rest. All the things that happened were stressing me out.

I laid down breathing slowly, trying my best to sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep. I had too much on my mind. I sat there, hanging my legs off the edge of the bed. About a minute later, Fang came in, with a bit of blood on her fur. I looked at her but thought it best not to ask what happened. She sat beside me and looked at the wall. “Can’t sleep, can ya?” She asked me. I looked at her and shook my head. “Look, everything will be fine, i promise. Jack can handle this, I swear.” She says as she hugs me. I smiled a bit as she did so.

She held me and laid down, laying me next to her. I laid my head on her chest, rubbing her fur slowly. A few minutes later, I was sound asleep. Fang was about to do something until Jack walked in. She simply smiled at him and gently laid my head onto the bed. After she had left, Jack waited for her to close the door before he walked up to me, smiling happily. He laid down next to me, closing his eyes as he fell asleep.
A New World CH. 6
Hey everyone. Yea, no vore this time. Idk... I guess I just didn't feel like it this time. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the story.
"Loving someone only means your promising to break their heart later." - Someone
I've gotten into the mood of playing monster hunter once again x3 time to work to the mizutsune.
Why does my own minecraft skin look so horrible xD maybe cause I'm not an artist. Lol
Hello there everybody! I have finally hit thirty watchers! That's more than i ever thought I could get. I may have to do a special story for this, but I'm unsure. Thank you all for adding me to your deviant watch!


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